Salmon with Fava

Cooking instructions


1.Marinate 4 of 8 oz salmon  steaks with 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil, salt ,pepper fresh Rosemary, 4 cloves of minced garlic  for 20  minutes  in covered   bowl in cooler  

2.combine 1/3 cup fresh lemon squeezed juice and 1/2 unsalted  room temperature  soft butter 
3.bake the salmon for 8-10 minutes in preheat oven at 400 Fahrenheit on a  baking sheet 
4.pour the lemon butter mix into the salmon steaks after 2 minutes of bake 
5.turn salmon upside down ,turn into  the broil in the last 2 minutes to get those crispy golden charred edges of the skin  
tips for choosing the best salmon
.Farmed salmon should be avoided 
.Fresh salmon should glisten(shiny and bright) ,not look dull
.Flesh should be firm ,clean
.Not smell fishy 
2 lb of yellow split peas(santorini fava)
4 chopped red onions 
2 diced cut carrots 
1 whole chopped leek 
1.add in the pot all the ingredients and covered with cold water 
2.let simmer and start taking out any foam with the spoon
3.stir until be thick and add salt ,2 spoons olive oil and sqeeze 2 whole lemons 
4.add the mix in the mixer and let be blended until be smooth and creamy
5.garnish with fresh onions, capers  and drizzle extra virgin olive oil 
6.served hot

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